Why Refresh?

Over the last five years, thin client technology has transformed. See how the new generation of Dell Wyse thin clients can power your organization.

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The new breed of Thin Client


Even stronger security

Wyse ThinOS hardens your clients and virtually eliminates cyber threats. Risk and compliance are easy to manage with data stored securely in your datacenter. Improved endpoint security includes integrated smart card readers and USB 3.


Even easier manageability

Set up and scale in minutes with automatic out-of-the-box deployment. Provide multi OS support, and manage updates patches and licenses centrally and simply. Control endpoints from the datacenter or the cloud.


Even better ROI

The latest, leanest long-life thin clients can save up to 90% on power consumption. Enjoy further gains from proven increased productivity. And experience big savings by letting your thin clients form part of a unified communications strategy.

Access the latest benefits

The new breed of thin clients is more powerful, with higher bandwidth and improved protocols – capable of taking on any task that the modern workplace requires.

Your organization benefits – not only through better performance and user experiences – but through reduced costs, improved security and simpler administration.

Customer stories

Ensuring tech delivers on its promises

Mürwiker Werkstätten improves training and development programmes with thin-client endpoints that deliver 20 times faster connectivity to a Citrix environment.

Mürwiker Werkstätten wanted to improve the training and development experiences of the people it supports by replacing the organisation’s end-of-life thin clients, which suffered regular technical issues.

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Five reasons to refresh your Thin Clients.

100% control with Unified Endpoint Management.
We’ve laid out the benefits for you in handy infographic form. See why refreshing your VDI infrastructure could pay big dividends.

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Total Cost of Ownership

What Can I Save?

Thin client technology has evolved to meet increasing user demands

Higher bandwith, improved protocols, hyper-converged infrastructure, and more powerful SOC's have enabled entirely new use-cases and user personas. With these improvements, thin clients and VDI can address use cases that were previously impractical.

Task Worker

10 Years Ago

Task Workers
(Mostly text based)

Knowledge Worker

5 Years Ago

Knowledge Workers
(More graphic intensive)

Speciality Workers, Power Users


Speciality Workers, Power Users
(Multi-display high resolution, 3D graphics, unified communications)

Examples of office working environments

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