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Why choose thin clients?

Support consumer and company devices while protecting your data.


Support consumer and company devices while protecting your data

With no data stored locally, thin clients help you reduce risks of data loss or theft, recover from disasters, apply policies, comply with regulations, and monitor risk.

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Ultimate security

Thin clients help prevent viruses and malware – and give you more control over apps and data.

Work in peace

Simple, centralized management ensures tight control and easy rollout of security-related activities.

Advanced protection

Wyse ThinOS is virus and malware-resistant with an unpublished API, encrypted data and zero attack surface.

High scalability for easy integration with any environment.


High scalability for easy integration with any environment

Monitor and optimize TCO while you get more use from infrastructure assets. The cost to deploy applications and desktops is significantly lower when deploying in the datacenter.

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Predictable costs

The cost-effective design allows your IT team to optimize resources in the datacenter.

Get more done with less

Remote enterprise-wide endpoint management reduces costs while improving productivity.

Reduce space and energy use

Improve your bottom line by conserving energy in a quieter, cooler work environment.

Expect high performance with easy deployment


Expect high performance with easy deployment

Combined with thin clients, VDI helps improve service delivery and competitiveness by dramatically reducing complexity. Which means you can respond to evolving business needs faster.

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Rapid time to value

Adding a new user takes just minutes, making it easier to scale as you grow.

Unrivalled flexibility to adapt

Applications and OS are held in the datacenter and can be updated in a few clicks.

Empowering the workforce

Wyse thin clients are optimized for rich graphics and collaboration tools.

Meet the Wyse client family

A wide selection of secure, reliable, cost-effective endpoints designed for every need.


For task workers and knowledge workers running a broad variety of business applications.


For knowledge workers and power users requiring access to a wide variety of applications, including 3D graphics and HD multimedia.

Wyse ThinOS

Keep your virtual desktop infrastructure safe with one of the world’s most secure operating systems. Wyse ThinOS, made just for virtual desktops, is certified to work with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.
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Maximum Security

Be virus and malware resistant with an unpublished API and zero attack surface.


Unified Communications

Lync 2010, Lync 2013 and the Skype for Business client for Lync 2015 via the Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack available on select models.


Speed and user experience

Boot in under 10 seconds while delivering outstanding HDX, RDP Remote FX, Blast Extreme and PCoIP experiences.


Hands-off management

Eliminate the need for your IT staff to touch physical devices.



Scale to over 100,000 managed devices with Wyse Management Suite.


Wyse ThinLinux

Enjoy the high performance, security and ease of management and use of virtual desktops. Browse the web or run local applications within a Linux environment. Wyse ThinLinux operating systems deliver broad peripheral support from the open source community, hardened for Enterprise class customers.

High performance

Get more power from advanced multi-core thin clients while accessing applications locally or from virtual desktops.



With no local hard disk on the thin client, key apps and content are kept safely in the datacenter. Content protection and application control become much easier.



Run your legacy or customized apps locally or via a VPN connection at the same time as accessing your virtual desktop within a Citrix®, Microsoft® or VMware® environment.


Windows embedded

Experience the performance, reliability and flexibility of Windows® Embedded. Windows Embedded and Windows 10 IoTE are skinny OS versions and leverage the same peripheral drivers, run Windows applications locally and enable unified communications.

Ultimate usability

Leverage graphics-intensive applications with a multi-core accelerated processing unit and connect to a broad range of Windows applications and peripherals.


Security you can count on

Optional Advanced Threat Protection is available in the form of Dell Threat Defence, for proactive malware protection on both virtual desktops and WES-endpoints.


Easy, scalable management

Manage your endpoints centrally with Wyse Management Suite. Scale as you grow – from just a handful to tens of thousands of thin clients. Alternatively, use your existing Microsoft SCCM software.


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