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Tighten up your security with central management of all data – plus a host of other powerful security features.

The Security Opportunity

When there’s no data stored locally, there’s a significantly lower risk of data loss or theft. Thin clients also make it easier for your organization to recover from disasters, apply policies, and monitor risk.

Today’s organizations need to comply with continually evolving data protection and safeguarding legislation – often with different legal requirements in different locations. A thin client solution makes it easier to manage compliance and mitigate risk.

The Key Benefits


Prevent Data Breaches

Applications and data are stored in a centrally secure datacenter and never reside on individual user devices, ensuring data security and confidentiality.


Protect Data and Ensure Compliance

Virus-resistant thin clients support role-based information delivery, single sign-on, and multifactor authentication. This makes it easy to control and limit access rights to reduce risk of data loss or theft, and enables compliance with regulations.

Mobile Support

Adapt to Increasingly Mobile Customers and Byod

Enable a more mobile and geographically distributed workforce. Wyse thin clients support a variety of authentication methods to provide efficient support for work-from-home and ‘anywhere’ access.


Secure and Optimize Branch Offices

With no data on the user devices, endpoints can be managed remotely without the need for an IT administrator on site.


Of breaches originate at the endpoint

Security Checklist

  • Virus resistant ThinOS
  • Zero attack surface
  • Unpublished API and encrypted data
  • Firmware signature verification
  • Secure sign-on
  • Advanced Threat Protection for Windows Embedded (optional)
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption, Secure Boot, and Windows Defender
  • Windows Firewall enabled by default
  • TPM Hardware encryption supported
  • UEFI specifications supported
  • Auto-run of (local) USB devices disabled by default
  • No local drives and removable USB ports
  • Fiber ready devices
  • Support for multiple authentication solutions, including smart card readers
Customer Stories

A lesson in it modernisation

Audenshaw School wanted to improve teaching and learning, as well as offer staff a better work/life balance.

Teachers gain an hour of teaching time each day, in an easy-to-manage cloud computing environment with end-to-end Dell EMC infrastructure.

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Teachers and other staff have a much better work/life balance now that they’re using Dell laptops as thin clients.

Steven Morton, IT manager, Audenshaw School

Dell Threat Defense

A tiny software add-on for Windows-based thin clients, Threat Defense stops malware from executing, and makes Windows thin clients both flexible and secure, even against zero-day attacks. With Threat Defense, Wyse endpoints are the most secure Windows thin clients available.

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