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Deliver a better experience for stores and customers, while using the latest technology to boost sales

Designed to operate reliably in today’s multi-store environments, thin clients and virtual desktop environments offer centralized management of data and software, as well as enhanced customer experience and productivity. The compact and versatile nature of Wyse thin clients meets the needs of a retail environment without sacrificing security, performance or reliability.

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Use Cases

Create smoother, more compelling customer experiences:

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Back office

Deliver cost effective, secure and highly manageable desktops that can be adapted quickly in a competitive environment on versatile and powerful Wyse thin clients.

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POS/Customer service

Enable differentiated customer experiences, with improved productivity and customer data secured. The multiple mounting options and compact nature of Wyse thin clients are able to meet almost any need of the retail environment with the ability to meet almost any peripheral requirement.

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Public presentation/ Digital signage

Deliver enhanced, impactful in-store experiences in easy-to-manage formats.


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Reliable, high-performance POS

Compact, secure Wyse thin clients offer reliable Point of Sale (POS) systems with designed-in performance. Our systems are designed to operate in demanding store environments. From POS displays to digital signage, they offer improved application access and better performance. The wide range of connectivity ports for peripherals, multi-monitor capability and multi-protocol communication compatibility, Wyse thin clients have the versatility to meet almost any need.

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Multiple locations

Manage IT effectively across multiple remote locations, while keeping your costs under control. A centralized and streamlined thin client solution enables you to centralize applications, speed up updates and simplify access. Because client devices can be managed remotely, they require much less individual maintenance. Finally, the Wyse thin clients are ready for work within 10 minutes of installing a new device due to the auto-configurability, plug-and-play capabilities, reducing downtime and enabling IT resources to be more proactive versus reactive.

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Increase up-time and boost sales

Leverage new technology to gain competitive advantage in a highly competitive space while you maximize store up-time in a cost-effective way. Wyse thin clients deliver better up-time and require less maintenance – centralized management means that most problems can be fixed remotely, systems can be updated automatically and necessary software maintenance is conducted without the need to make a deskside support call. New or updated applications can be delivered radically faster, while high-performance digital signage can be more easily managed and maintained.

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Maximize security

Sensitive data, customer’s, sales performance and critical company information, is stored centralized securely within the datacenter where it can be managed, replicated and backed up on a continuous basis. Local storage is all but eliminated with Wyse thin and zero clients, minimizing the risk of customer data breaches and making it simple to remain legal compliant. Plus, Wyse thin clients can be configured to disable local external data storage devices. Finally, with the hardened nature of Wyse thin clients, especially those with Wyse ThinOS, cyberthreats, viruses, bitcoin and malware threats are significantly reduced.

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