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Access all the benefits offered by centralized management of data and software

Virtual desktop infrastructure environments, allow you to secure data within the centralized datacenter, update and deploy necessary security updates and strictly control critical and confidential data. With the hardened Wyse thin clients, that do not store data locally, security is further enhanced and meets necessary compliancy regulations. Combined, it is easier to maintain endpoint and data security. Plus government, local, regional and federal agencies can enable a modern, more mobile workforce and new ways of interacting with citizens at the same time.

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Use Cases

Maximize efficiency while delivering manageable hardware and secure data strategies:

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Workstations and call centers

Deliver cost effective, secure and highly manageable desktops across locations and user profiles, with highly secure and hardened thin clients.

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Waiting rooms/Digital signage

Deploy technology that helps put government organizations more in touch with their citizens.

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Training facilities

Offer interactive learning experiences using digital tools and resources provided by easy-to-manage and repurposed virtual desktops, as well as enabling multi-function, multi-discipline training facilities, all while increasing the return on investment of tax payer’s dollars.

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Customer service/kiosk

Provide innovative service delivery to create enhanced experiences and improved citizen satisfaction.


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Simplify your IT

With simplified management it’s easy to deliver highly reliable computing across complex, distributed environments. Thin clients enable simpler, end user experiences environments and centralized applications. With plug-and-play, automatic configuration Wyse thin clients, users no longer need to be down due to endpoint hardware failure. It’s simple to streamline updates and access, and much less management of client devices is required.

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High security

Keep data secure and protect against external security risks, but enable mobile and remote computing at the same time. Centralized network management enables full control of data, protecting it while still making it available to those that need it. Security patches can be quickly and easily rolled out. Centralized IT assures confidential and critical data stays within the datacenter without inhibiting end users’ ability to be productive.

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Compliance built in

As compliance requirements grow ever more complex, remaining compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment becomes a challenge. Wyse thin clients and desktop virtualization solutions from Dell meet stringent government security requirements with, for example, TAA compliant products and requirements put forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

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Windows 10 transitioning

Migrate to Windows 10 trouble-free, but still retain access to essential legacy applications. Choosing a combined VDI and hardened thin client solution enables organizations to keep their workforce productive by enabling legacy applications to run flawlessly within Windows 10 environments. In the future, you can speed migration to new software without touching endpoints.

Customer stories

State's legal property registry becomes a model for Mexico

See how the legal property registry for the State of Morelos has cut response times from up to a year to as fast as one day with a Dell cloud client-computing solution.

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