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In an increasingly stringent regulatory environment, you need to be able to ensure complete control of your data

Ensure your infrastructure remains highly reliable and protect company IP to minimize the possibility of outages while providing the necessary compute power to meet the requirements of any request. Wyse thin clients are extremely secure and Wyse management solutions provide you with great control over device usage. Desktop virtualization environments offer centralized management of data and software, as well as easy and consistent deployment of thin clients, security patches and updates.

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Use Cases

Combine security with improved user experiences across:

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Customer service

Provide easy-to-access data while minimizing downtime. Manage sensitive customer data centrally. Auto-configurable and plug-and-play Wyse thin clients assure that end users can provide customer services continuity without the burden of hardware failure.

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Work stations/ Call centers

Deliver secure, cost effective and highly manageable desktops that quickly adapt in a competitive environment, while enabling a wide range of peripheral devices, including multi-monitor configurations, biometrics, smart card readers and specialty output devices.

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Provide high performance at the same time as ensuring high availability and hardened security. Realize true 4K graphics on multi-monitor configurations and powerful processing on Wyse thin clients with the latest technologies.

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Business Continuity

Maintain full control of sensitive data and meet financial services regulatory compliance requirements without compromising IT efficiency, without worrying that data will be lost or significant downtime due to endpoint failure.


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Centralized control

With all data stored centrally at the data center, complete compliance is considerably simpler to achieve. Additionally, your organization can quickly pivot in the case of new regulatory requirements. Finally, with hardened and secure Wyse thin clients, local data storage and external storage devices can be completely disabled.

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Security and risk mitigation

Virtual desktop environments with hardened Wyse thin clients offer heightened security and improved data control. Critical data is stored securely within the datacenter, while with Wyse thin and zero clients, local storage is controlled or eliminated. Wyse ThinOS, the most secure thin client software in the industry, is virus resistant due to a closed API. Finally, updates to the thin client operating system software is centrally managed, further minimizing cyber threats, viruses and malware.

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Reliability and business continuity

Protect business-critical systems and data against damaging outages and hardware failures with complete data management. Today’s thin clients and VDI solutions reduce IT incidents and enable them to be solved faster. Wyse thin clients are auto-configuring and plug-and-play with less than 10 minutes from initial plug in to ready to work, further improving business continuity. Thin and zero client display technology delivers an optimal user experience, within a secure and compliant environment.

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Better customer experiences

Deliver outstanding service to an increasingly tech-savvy and demanding customer base. Improve application access and performance with simplified, rapid deployment of desktops across multiple use cases. Deliver applications faster and offer more robust and responsive customer-facing experiences. Finally, with high-performance processing and graphics, Wyse thin clients meet the needs of the broad financial industry, from banking call centers to highly demanding trading environments.

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Clearing a way to greater workplace performance

See how Taiyo Life Insurance in Japan improves workplace productivity— clearing desktop clutter and making data almost instantly available with thin client technology.

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