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Students now demand better access, higher performance and the chance to study remotely

With Wyse thin clients and a VDI solution you can manage data and software, as well as deploy security updates and patches more efficiently. It makes for a more efficient and flexible learning experience. Lab environments are now able to be multi-function and multi-discipline, while reducing downtime and centralizing management. Furthermore, as well as enabling new study patterns for students, it’s easier to maintain network and data security too.

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Use Cases

See big improvements in teaching and learning experiences across:

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Computer labs

Students can create, problem-solve and collaborate in interactive learning spaces that are multi-function and multi-discipline, while using digital tools and resources provided by virtual desktops.

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Mobile teaching and learning

Students and teachers can access necessary applications and data from any device, any location and at any time, extending the classroom and learning to meet any need.

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Library systems

Kiosk mode allows access to library resources or digital workspaces for students and educators, while reducing management costs and improving efficiency.

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Centrally manage devices and your environment efficiently and flexibly while improving uptime and user experience.


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Lower cost of ownership

Thin clients are highly reliable and robust, versatile, virus protected and with centralized management. You can reduce total cost of ownership with lower power consumption and longer endpoint lifespan, while still providing a secure, reliable, high quality virtual desktop experience for students and staff – even with a limited budget.

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Better graphics and improved experiences

Want to provide access to graphics-intensive applications efficiently and consistently across the entire network? With thin clients’ virtual graphics capability, students can access sophisticated, high-end 3D applications from any device. Now students can even experience true 4K graphics on multiple monitors. Offer students and staff high performance graphics, workstation-grade performance and enable 24/7 access to key applications.

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Simple, centralized management

Provide flexible, reliable desktop computing with limited IT resources. Virtualize the workload and IT teams can consolidate lab space, introduce new applications quickly, and deploy patches, updates or changes on the fly – all while enjoying lower support call volumes and better control of software license costs. It’s easier to manage boot storms as lessons begin, or control high demand at critical times such as exams or finals. With these streamlined and centralized management improvements, IT resources can be proactive versus reactive. Finally, enabling BYOD with secure, centrally managed virtual desktops allows students, staff and faculty the ability to work anytime, anywhere on any device, without burdening IT with managing all of those endpoints. With these streamlined and centralized management improvements, IT resources can be proactive versus reactive.

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Harden your security

Reliably protect your network against cyberthreats, viruses, malware and tampering in an environment of increasing security risks. All data and apps are centrally managed and controlled in the data center, not on student or classroom devices. This better protects the network from malicious attack and reduces the risk of data being lost or stolen on student devices.

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