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Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Lower management costs, improve energy efficiency and increase productivity.

The TCO Opportunity

A Wyse Thin Client solution can help you significantly reduce your Total Cost of Ownership. Standardize and simplify IT processes to reduce desk-side visits, minimize downtime and manage user devices and environments more efficiently.

Enable your IT staff to spend more time on valuable strategic projects and less on desktop management. And improve your environmental footprint by dramatically improving energy efficiency and using endpoints with a longer lifespan.

Key TCO Benefits


Reduce Admin Workload

Cut down or eliminate desk-side visits and significantly reduce downtime. Manage devices and environments more efficiently, freeing up IT staff to add more value.


Lower Infrastructure Costs

Longer-lasting endpoints use less power and need to be replaced less often. You can reduce costs and conserve floor space in datacenters, points of service, and back office locations.


Maximize Asset Value

Different task workers can share the same workstation across different shifts, enabling you to significantly decrease IT operation costs.

Environmental Footprint

Improve Your Environmental Footprint

More computing power per watt, plus intelligent power management, means you could reduce energy consumption by 90%.

Reduce Energy Consumption By Up To


Cost Reduction Checklist

  • Easy to manage with Wyse Management Suite
  • No deskside visits
  • Remote management of endpoints and software with fewer resources
  • Easy and fast to deploy
  • Improved productivity with less downtime
  • Longer lifecycles
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less heat dissipation
  • Smaller physical footprint when desk space is at a premium
Customer Stories

More Efficient IT - Ensured

Insurance company in Italy lowers management costs by 40 per cent and boosts service levels by nearly a third.

A move to new offices presented AXA Assistance Italia with the ideal opportunity to lower the cost of ensuring business continuity. It also wanted to future-proof its infrastructure and improve end-user productivity.

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We estimate that we provide a 30 per cent better service now.

Marco Gaeta, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer, AXA Assistance Italia

How much can I save?

A thin client deployment could save your organization a significant sum. Run the numbers for yourself with our comprehensive Wyse Thin Client TCO Calculator.

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VDI Complete

Start small and control your costs. Dell EMC VDI Complete is an end-to-end VDI solution powered by VMware. Designed to reduce the complexity, cost and disruption of upgrading your infrastructure, it’s the perfect thin client solution for organizations that want to enjoy the benefits of desktop and application virtualization on hyper-converged infrastructure – but in a single, flexible and fully scalable solution.

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