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Reach new heights with new thin clients

Cathi Allen | Strategic Messaging and Content, Dell Inc.

For the past decade, the modern workplace has been in a state of rapid evolution. Professionals are reaching unprecedented levels of productivity, and a big contributing factor is the unforeseen level of flexibility we now need to decide when and where to work.

When virtual desktop infrastructures arrived on the professional scene, you may have been one of the early adopters who decided thin clients and centralized datacenters were key to maximizing security while delivering productivity at minimal costs. Now, those thin clients are likely still functioning, but are they still delivering the optimal security, efficiency, and the computing experience modern users demand while all around them technology is bounding forward?

The truth is, advancements in modern thin clients, datacenters, and VDI solutions have significantly surpassed the cost savings of an outdated virtual infrastructure. Like all technology, the advance of cloud computing has been moving at the speed of thought, so if your thin clients and VDI environment is aging but still functional, you’re probably asking, “why should I refresh now?”.

First and foremost, the improved productivity of modern thin clients is undeniable. Let’s start with sure compatibility with industry-leading virtual desktop brokers Citrix, VMware and Microsoft, and real day-to-day benefits such as a 300% decrease in boot time, native enablement for unified communications, and support for multiple high-resolution monitors. The modern thin client can be configured to handle the workloads of simple task-workers as well as that of graphic-intensive power and specialty-users… and everything in between.

Perhaps even more important are the enhanced security features. Cyber threats are alarmingly common and increasingly sophisticated. Simple password protection is no longer enough to keep your organization’s data secure. Modern thin clients also feature integrated smart card and CAC readers biometric and multi-factor authentication to help ensure the integrity of authorized end users. Today’s thin clients also support multiple current operating systems, each with updated security features – including Dell’s exclusive Wyse ThinOS, which virtually eliminates cyber threats by eliminating any attack surface. Finally, Dell’s thin clients can utilize Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise (ESSE) and Dell Threat Defense, which deploy predictive Advanced Threat Protection technology to help stop cyber threats even before they become known. Other advancements that are valuable in today’s modern workforce include the newest and fastest USB type-A and type-C ports, RAM and processors that are comparable to traditional desktops and laptops.

But the real question is how refreshing your VDI solution would immediately support your workforce better. Right off the bat, your IT workload is quickly diminished since modern thin clients virtually eliminate downtime with automatic out-of-the-box deployment and configuration. They can be fully installed and working in as little as one minute per endpoint, and can be 100% locked down, controlled and maintained with unified endpoint management. With Wyse Management Suite, your entire infrastructure can be managed through the central datacenter or remotely through the cloud.

Beyond your IT support teams, today’s thin clients can also improve the quality of life for all users. For the first time, you can provide Windows 10 enhanced graphics to all users and utilize endpoints supporting the latest graphic protocols, improving overall user experience. Properly-outfitted devices can deliver high-speed graphical processing, supporting 4K display resolution and full motion video, and can handle the workloads of even graphics-intensive power users. Plus, with robust multi-monitor support, today’s thin clients can deliver increased screen real estate allowing users to be more productive with more space to work. How much more? Up to six displays can be driven off a single Wyse 5070 thin client with discrete graphics.

Finally, let’s talk about a reason everyone can identify with… reduced costs. The reduced power draw of modern thin clients alone can cut electricity costs by $50,000 annually. Plus, the support of unified communications can drastically reduce capital and operation expenditures by making traditional phone lines obsolete. You can reclaim thousands of hours lost to endpoint boot and login time, and rest easy knowing that your endpoints are designed for extended lifecycles of more than 5 years and will receive consistent updates automatically throughout their use.

Now is a great time to refresh your thin clients and maximize the advantages they have to offer. For more information and full a portfolio of Dell’s modern endpoints, visit us at

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